1st Dinas Powys


Complete all requirements.
RopesShow that you know the rope types used for rock climbing. Explain how to coil and maintain them.
HarnessShow that you know how to fit a climbing helmet and harness and how to tie in correctly.
CallsShow that you understand the calls used in climbing.
AbseilShow that you know how to abseil down a face. It should usually be at least 10 metres high. Alternatively, you can take part in a climbing-like activity, such as crate-stacking or high ropes, and show that you know about the safety equipment used.
Climbs (x4)Take part in four or more separate climbs. Your climbs should either be on artificial walls of grade 4+/5 or natural faces up to "difficult" standard. You could do a mixture of both, using a different route for each climb. An experienced climber must supervise your climbs and evaluate your ability.
SafetyExplain the safety rules for climbing on both natural and artificial rock faces.
EnvironmentShow that you are aware of the environmental issues around climbing on natural rock faces.
EquipmentExplain how to care for the equipment you used. Also, explain what you should look out for when equipment is nearing the end of its life.