1st Dinas Powys


Complete all requirements.
Part 1
RoutePlan a route, including rest and meal stops, and work out how long it will take.
EquipmentChoose suitable equipment for the expedition. You might consider tents, rucksacks, food, water, clothing, cooking equipment, first aid kit, etc.
NavigationUnderstand how to navigate with map, compass, timetables etc. according to the method of transport.
EmergencyKnow what to do in an emergency.
Part 2
ExpeditionTake part in an expedition over two days with at least three other scouts. This should include an overnight stop at a campsite or hostel.
During the expedition, play a full part of the team, use a map or navigation device to keep track of where you are and cook and eat at least one hot meal.
Part 3
ReportProduce an individual report or presentation within three weeks of the expedition. You could write it, make a slideshow or video, etc.